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Savor the flavors of Portugal with recipes that merge the essence and techniques of a melting pot of Mediterranean cultures. My cookbooks explore the influences on the Portuguese cuisine and embrace the spices and ingredients typical of Mediterranean countries dating back centuries including olive oil, onions, bay leaves, garlic, coriander, paprika, chili peppers and red sweet peppers. I hope you find my website as delicious as my recipes.


Look for my newest book, Authentic Portuguese Cooking,

to be released in October with more than 185 Mediterranean style recipes.Learn more about Portuguese cooking with my first book Portuguese Homestyle Cooking. The recipes in this book exemplify the heartwarming, soul-comforting food prepared and enjoyed in Portuguese homes.
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Cooking Classes

Hands-On Preparation

Take an authentic Portuguese cooking class in the comfort of your home. With a group of your favorite friends and I will plan an intimate evening centered around good food and friendship. To reserve your class email me at


Pairing Wine with Food

It was often said,  serve white wine with seafood and red wines with meat.  That does not hold true, especially in Portuguese fare.  A lighter red wine such as Pinot Noir is perfectly fine to enjoy with fish.  Lower in tannins and more acidic, the … [Read More...]

Visiting Portugal

It's impossible not to fall in love with Portugal with its old-fashioned traditions and its rustic seafood cuisine. Whether it's the Algarve coast with stunning beaches, the upper Douro valley where port wine grapes grow or living the high life in Bairro Alto that intrigues you, Portugal has something for everyone. [ Must Do's ]