Great Recipes

The recipes I have included in Portuguese Homestyle Cooking have been collected over the years from relatives and friends and are presented as they would be prepared in a Portuguese home. To standardize these heirlooms, ingredients have been measured and recipes tested carefully. With the increased availability of traditional ingredients, the dishes can be prepared authentically. Still variations and substitutions have been noted for when traditional ingredients cannot be found. I encourage you to first cook the recipes as presented, then change the quantities of ingredients “com gusto”(to your taste).

In Portuguese Homestyle Cooking, I have given an overview of regional culinary differences, described the basic methods of cooking, traditional marinades and spices most often found in Portuguese cooking. Recipes, including those for sausages, breads and desserts, are presented in detailed easy to follow instructions. An informational chapter about Portuguese wine, and the traditional method of making wine at home is included. These recipes, ranging from different areas of the mainland and the Azores, are an introduction to authentic, home-style Portuguese food at its best that is carried on even in the United States: heartwarming, flavorful, delicious! After all, no matter what area, region or island we as a people came from, “somos todos Portugueses,”—we are all Portuguese.