Teresa P. Constantino’s Biscuits (Biscoitos de Azeite de Teresa P. Constantino)

About 4 dozen

                Teresa Constantino from Penalva de Castello, Portugal,   makes wonderful biscoitos .  Her recipe is more of a cookie dough than a batter, which she shapes with buttered hands into delicious individual,  very dense  tender cookies,  that rise to a dome when baked and are about 4-inches across the bottom, resembling “little mountains”.   Karen P. adapted this recipe of her boyfriend’s mother from verbal instruction and makes them more of a muffin than a cookie or biscuit.   Using less flour, they are not quite as dense or dry and she used greased muffin pans.  She does suggest that the silver gray metal pans are better as the black pans tend to darken the muffins too much.  He now calls her the biscoito queen.  Perfect with your morning coffee or afternoon tea, they can be refreshed to serve warm with 15 seconds in the microwave .  This recipe can also be cut in half. These are easy to make and delicious.  I, myself, had to have seconds. 

6          large  eggs

2        cups sugar
1        cup olive oil
1        cup milk
1        cup orange Juice
9         cups all purpose flour

1        generous teaspoon baking powder

1        generous teaspoon baking soda
Optional additions:

1/4 c whiskey or brandy

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

1.  Crack the eggs in a large bowl.  Using an electric mixer, beat the eggs until foamy.  Gradually beat in the eggs. 

2.  Once the eggs and sugar are well mixed, continue to mix on medium high while slowly pouring in the olive oil, followed by the milk and orange juice. 

3.  Thoroughly combine the flour, baking powder and baking soda.  With the mixer on medium speed, gradually incorporate the flour and continue mixing until all the flour has disappeared.  A stiff batter will form. 

4.  Prepare the cupcake/muffin pans with shortening and dusting of flour.  (I used non-stick pans which worked very well.  You need to remove the baked muffins almost immediately so they don’t stick to the pan.) 

5.  Fill the cups half way and bake at 350 degrees for 15 to 20 minutes.  Test at 15 min.  They will be lightly colored- they resemble light corn muffins. They will keep nicely in a Tupperware container or  ziplock bag if they don’t get eaten too  quickly.. They also freeze well .